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Art & Wine Faire Artists

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Art by Whitney Alyssa

Art by Whitney Alyssa is a sewn abstract artist based in Redwood City. Her mixed media paintings seek to evoke emotions, transport individuals to a serene state of mind, and ultimately ignite a connection with the natural world.
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Coralie's Creations

Coralie’s Creations offers specialty hand-knit hats and hand-painted pillow covers. We have 100+ unique styles of hats and our pillow covers add an original painting to any room.

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David Baldwin Art

David Baldwin's acrylic on canvas paintings are about personal honesty, letting go of the trickery of technique, and allowing ideas and feelings to come to the surface in the most distilled, pure manner.
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Deborah Bridges

These large scale garden sculptures are inspired by ancient sacred traditions of the East and West.
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Fused Glass Creations

Dana Boyko of Fused Glass Creations is a San Francisco based painter, jewelry designer and glass artist bringing the art of fine design to your world.
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Georganna Dean

Photographer Georganna Dean’s landscapes give one a feeling of almost standing in the image while the success of the botanical series comes from capturing the essence of her subject.
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Kit Night

Kit Night will be loving the opportunity to meet new customers, connect with familiar faces, and show her uplifting oil paintings of radiant landscapes and large glass paintings. Please enjoy her work at:

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Mandala Moon Candle Co.

Mandala Moon Candle Co. is a small, family-owned business featuring Bridget’s unique, hand-drawn mandala artwork.
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Megan Brown Ceramics

Ceramic artist Megan Brown of Megan Brown Ceramics infuses intricate modern design into her handmade tableware, home decor, and jewelry.
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Paper Sweetly

Nikitha Yelchuru, the artist behind Paper Sweetly, unites her passion as an engineer and artist through the ancient art of quilling.
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Paula Riley

Bay Area Artist, Paula Riley, paints with joy and lots of color! Her paintings range from representational to abstract.
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Sally Rayn

Sally Rayn, a local San Carlos artist, creates colorful abstract paintings, prints and the online interactive art installation, The Dynamic Symbolism Project.
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Sherri Pence Milbank

Talent, creativity and the love of animals goes into each of these one-of-a-kind hand sculpted originals by artist, Sherri Pence Milbank, a.k.a. Pencepets. A family business since 1972.
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Small Batch Jam Co.

Small Batch Jam Co is a family-owned fine fruit preserve manufacturing company based in Pacifica, CA dedicated to providing high-quality fruit preserves specializing in unique fruit and flavor combinations.
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Starburst Glass

My stained glass kaleidoscopes are beautiful and fun!
- Peter Eller, Starburst Glass

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