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Public Works Permits

Public Works is responsible for issuing permits for encroachments, utilities, transportation, parking, and other needs. Navigate below to find more information on permits and inspections. 

Permit Applications

Submission Requirements

To ensure efficient handling and response, all permit applications must be submitted with:

  1. Verification of Contractor's San Carlos Business License.
  2. Contractor's Certificate of Insurance, with City of San Carlos additionally insured.
  3. Valuation of work (contractor's bid, engineer's estimate, etc.).
  4. Detailed project plans.
  5. Traffic control plan, if needed.
Grading and hauling will not be allowed during the rainy season, from October through April, unless an exception is approved by the City Engineer.

Fee Schedule

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Encroachment Permits

Any person wishing to encroach into the public right-of-way or public utility easement must first apply for and receive a Public Works Encroachment Permit.

Learn more about Encroachment Permits

Parking Permits

Transportation Permits

A Public Works Transportation Permit Application is needed for any person wanting to:

  • Operate a commercial vehicle exceeding 3 tons on any city street.
  • Haul along a restricted street within the city.
More information can be found in San Carlos Municipal Code Section 10.48.

Apply for a permit online with the Transportation Permit application or contact the Public Works Department.

Utility Permit

Utility companies wishing to encroach into the City’s right-of-way must submit a Public Works Utility Permit application. The completed application, including plans and a certificate of insurance can be submitted: 1) in person at the Public Works Engineering Division at City Hall;  or 2) by e-mail to  

Public Works Utility Permit Application

Schedule a Public Works Inspection

Need an inspection? Complete the Public Works Inspection Form.

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