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Eucalyptus Ave Holiday Lights

With each passing year, the popularity of the annual, month-long display of holiday lights by the residents of Eucalyptus Avenue continues to grow throughout the Bay Area. As with any large event, the City of San Carlos has the duty and responsibility to balance the interests and needs of all its residents.  While the larger San Carlos community has expressed appreciation for the efforts made by Eucalyptus Avenue residents to spread holiday cheer, they have also voiced concerns related to increased traffic, safety, and attendance.

At its April 11, 2022 Regular Meeting, the City Council considered how to improve upon the measures the City took to address the crowds, traffic, parking and sanitation on and around Eucalyptus Avenue during December 2021. The measures are listed below:

Traffic Control

  • Traffic on Eucalyptus Avenue will be converted to one way traffic (continuously) December 2 through December 26.
  • Water barriers will be placed (continuously) December 2 through December 26 along Eucalyptus Avenue at Tamarack Avenue, Cordilleras Avenue, and Orange Avenue.
  • Sheriff’s deputies and Community Service Officers will be present during the hours of 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday through Sunday, every weekend in December, starting December 9.
Overflow Parking
Overflow parking is available Friday through Sunday, every weekend in December at Arroyo School located at 1710 Arroyo Avenue.  There will be no parking attendants in the parking lot this year.  Traffic will be notified of additional parking via two electronic signs on Brittan Avenue near Burton Park and Orange Avenue.

Security Guards
Two private security guards will be stationed on Eucalyptus Avenue between Orange Avenue and Cordilleras Avenue and two private security guards will be stationed on Eucalyptus Avenue between Cordilleras Avenue and Tamarack Avenue during the hours of 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday through Sunday, every weekend in December through December 24, to observe and report any criminal activity or nuisances to the Sheriff’s Office.  Security guards will be dressed in identifiable, reflective gear for safety.

Electronic Signage

“Expect Delays” Signs
  • Three signs will be placed at the intersection of Brittan Avenue and Alameda de las Pulgas.
  • One sign will be placed on Brittan Avenue close to El Camino Real.
“Additional Parking” Signs
Two signs will direct traffic to additional parking at Arroyo School:

  • One sign on Brittan Avenue near Burton Park
  • One sign on Brittan Avenue and Orange Avenue
Trash and Recycling
Trash and recycling bins will be made available and picked up hourly.


Due to demand and in order to reduce lines, the City will provide two portable restrooms with handwashing stations this year.  The restrooms will be available Friday through Sunday, the first three weekends in December, and Friday through Monday, with removal on Tuesday December 27, the last weekend in December in order to allow staff to enjoy the holiday.

  1. On Eucalyptus Avenue, between Tamarack Avenue and Cordilleras Avenue
  2. On Cordilleras Avenue, between Eucalyptus Avenue and Birch Avenue
Cleaning Schedule
The portable restrooms will be cleaned hourly.   

Communications with Eucalyptus Avenue Residents

  • Two letters were mailed to residents on October 4 and October 13 to invite them to apply for permits and work with City staff.
  • Impacted residents received letters regarding portable restroom placement in mid and late November. In addition, the Director of Public Works met with residents in person to discuss portable restroom placement in late November.
  • All residents on Eucalyptus were mailed a letter on November 22, alerting them to the one-way traffic pattern that would be implemented continuously December 2 through December 26.
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