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Transportation and Circulation Commission

About the Transportation and Circulation Commission

The Transportation and Circulation Commission advises the City Council and other agencies on motorized and non-motorized transportation matters within San Carlos, including the following:

  • Receiving and evaluating complaints and other matters concerning traffic and circulation, including pedestrian and bicyclist concerns.
  • Recommending ways and means to improve traffic and circulation conditions, including bicycle and pedestrian conditions and reduce the use of motorized transportation in our community.
  • Periodically reviewing and advising the City Council, Planning Commission and staff on matters related to the Circulation Element of our General Plan.
  • Advising the City Council, Planning Commission and staff with respect to specific development projects that are referred to the Commission for review on traffic and circulation matters, including bicycling and pedestrian conditions.
  • Reviewing and commenting on preliminary plans for all Capital Improvement Program projects related to any and all modes of transportation.


The Transportation and Circulation Commission meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Enterprise Room, 2nd Floor, 600 Elm St., San Carlos.

Current Transportation and Circulation Commission Members

 Commissioner  email  term expiration

 Matt Baker   6/30/2020
 William Fairclough  6/30/2022
Nishant Garg  6/30/2022
 Sandra Nierenberg
 VACANT ---  6/30/2020

More Information

For more information, please call the Public Works Department at (650) 802-4194.

Current Openings

Applications are now being accepted for the Transportation and Circulation Commission.  For more information, click here.