altamont wind farm

Peninsula Clean Energy ECO100 peninsula clean energy ECO 100

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) is the community choice energy (CCE) program for San Mateo County. PCE procures a higher percentage of electricity from renewable sources at a cheaper rate while PG&E delivers electricity to customers. 

PCE customers can choose to Opt Up to the ECO100 program to get 100% of electricity from renewable sources like the Altamont Pass Wind Farm pictured above. ECO100 rates cost just 1 cent per kilowatt hour more than default rates. 

As a city we have opted up to PCE's ECO100 program for all municipal functions. Therefore city buildings, stop lights and street lights are all powered from renewable energy!

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Resources

San Mateo County Energy WatchSMC Energy Watch

The San Mateo County Energy Watch provides no-cost technical services to eligible San Mateo County local governments, schools, non-profits, and businesses.


The HomeIntel program from Home Energy Analytics on behalf of PG&E provides a custom plan and coaching to homeowners in order to reduce wasted energy in the home. 


The Bay Area Regional Energy Network BayREN provides free energy evaluations for both single family, multi-family and businesses and can connect owners with qualified contractors and rebates for energy upgrades. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (PACE)Brittan Ave

There are a number of PACE financing programs available to San Carlos residents including CaliforniaFIRST, HERO and OpenPACE. PACE programs allow borrowers to take out a loan for energy upgrades that is then paid back through property taxes.

Green Business Program

Are you a business owner? Learn how to add your business to the Certified Green Business list through the San Mateo County Green Business Program.