City of San Carlos responds to risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Click here for up to date information and resources. 

Resources for Individuals

Residential Tenant Assistance Program
Emergency Safety Net Assistance
Unemployment Insurance
Disability Insurance
Workers Compensation
Paid Sick Leave
Paid Family Leave
San Mateo County Emergency Child Care for Essential Workers
California Online Portal for Child Care Options
Onward CA Job Resource Page
San Mateo County Credit Union Work Reduction Personal Loan
San Mateo County COVID-19 Residential Eviction Moratorium

Contact Information

City of San Carlos Economic Development
Martin Romo
Economic Development and Housing Manager

Adam Aronson
Economic Development Coordinator

CA Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Abigail L. Browning
Chief, Office of Private Sector/NGO Coordination

CA Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development
Isabel Guzman
Director, Office of the Small Business Advocate

Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Assistance Center