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Housing Resources & Information

How do you qualify for affordable housing in San Mateo County?

Affordable or below market rate refers to housing that is priced to be affordable to those making less than 120 percent of the area median income (or AMI). The table below, updated annually, provides income limits for affordable housing.

California State Income Limits by Household Size (2019)

Effective 4/24/19 - Area median income $136,800 (based on a household of 4)

Income Category 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Extremely Low (30% AMI)* 33,850 38,700 43,550 48,350 52,250 56,100  60,000 63,850
Very Low (50% AMI)* 56,450 64,500 72,550 80,600 87,050 93,500 99,950 106,400
Low (80% AMI)* 90,450 103,350 116,250 129,150 139,500 149,850 160,150 170,500
Median (100% AMI) 95,750 109,450 123,100 136,800 147,750 158,700 169,650 180,600
Moderate (120% AMI) 114,900 131,300 147,750 164,150 177,300 190,400 203,550 216,700
 * 2019 State Income limits provided by State of California Department of Housing and Community Development


Our City Council values diversity in our community and recognizes that the housing crisis is a barrier that must be overcome to ensure the community remains diverse and thriving. The Council established a number of strategic objectives addressing affordable housing and diversity. To begin overcoming the housing crisis, we all need to understand the forces driving the rise in housing prices, examine the San Carlos housing market, and recognize the persistent need for more affordable housing.

What Is Affordable Housing and Why Is It Necessary?

“Affordable” means a household is spending 30 percent or less of its income before taxes on housing expenses, including rent or mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, property taxes and Homeowner’s Association dues. As you can see in the chart above, if your family of four makes $164,150 annually or less, you would qualify for a moderate income below market rate (BMR) unit.

High housing costs are driven, in large part, by the booming economy and relatively few housing units being constructed regionally. In recent years, the Bay Area has added an estimated one home for every eight jobs created in the region.

In addition, while the economy is currently creating jobs, more than half of the jobs being added are middle and low wage. While this job creation is positive, these salaries, in most cases, are not high enough to cover Bay Area rents, let alone purchase a home.


Additional Resources for Locating Affordable Housing

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The City of San Carlos is proudly working with the Home for All San Mateo County initiative to promote more housing in San Mateo County.

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