Laurel Street Banners

Non-profit organizations either based in San Carlos, or which have a local affiliate in San Carlos may apply to reserve a week on the Laurel Street banner schedule to promote an event.  There is no fee for this opportunity.  To submit a request: 

  1. Review the Banner Placements on Laurel Street Policies and Procedures
  2. If your organization and event meet the qualifications outlined in the policy, fill out the Laurel Street Temporary Banner Permit Application, and
  3. Submit proof of liability insurance. 

Feel free to contact us to check the schedule for availability.  If your organization’s application is approved, you can then have your banner made according to the Laurel Street Banners Design Requirements, and delivered to the Corporation Yard, located at 1000 Bransten Road

 laurel street banner  a frame pic



The City identified seven locations around town where A-Frames are permitted for event advertising for up to two weeks.  An application fee of $95.69 (includes technology fee) is required for all permits.  To obtain a permit for your non-profit organization's event: 

  1. Fill out the A-Frame Signage Application
  2. Return to: or drop off to Planning Department, City Hall, 600 Elm Street