San Carlos, CA

Special Event Applications

If you are considering holding a special event or organized community activity on public property, including parks, facilities, sidewalks, and street areas that will change the typical use of that property, then you will need a special event permit. 

Examples of events requiring a permit issued through the Parks & Recreation Department include, but are not limited to: farmers markets; sports tournaments; parades; filming; runs; walks; and races. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications for a special event permit a minimum of 60 days before the event.

The first step is to read the Special Event Permit Guidelines. The next step is to complete the Special Event Permit Application form below and submit it along with the application materials listed in the guidelines, along with application fee, which can be paid in cash or check payable to the City of San Carlos. 

If you would like a PDF application of the application, please email

Apply Online - Submissions should include all required documents.

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